80 series body lift

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Sep 21, 2007
Toyota Landcruiser Body Lift Kit Pricing/Ordering Page

How many people have installed the 4crawler 1" body lift on their 80 series? Can I guy who has basic hand tools do it? Lastly, how long does it take to install if I dedicate myself to not getting distracted away from my task;)

If you are in nor-cal bay area, want to help me out?:D
i installed mine is an afternoon by myself taking my time. there is a nice write up in the 80's section that i used (search for it) the only issue i had was having crawl under the cruiser a few times to fine tune the gear selector linkage as i had a little bit of play in my linkage and sometime i would have to press the selector forward to remove the key. i got the 1" dyed blocks and the hardware. i would recomment hitting the bolts with some PB buster the day before.
Dropping the radiator 1" is probably the most involved part. You can remove the radiator lower brackets and redrill the holes 1" lower. The hardest part is redrilling the upper mount. You have to drill a new hole 1" lower on the body. Not to bad though.

The fan is obviously part of the engine which rests on the frame rails and does not move, while the radiator is bolted to the body and moves up with it. You won't have a fan or fan shroud left if you don't address this issue. You can also cut the bottom of the fan shroud off, but I worried about how close it was to the hoses on the bottom of the radiator and decided to relocate the radiator down 1" like others have done. I didn't have to mess with the T-case and tranny linkage, but some do encounter this problem.

Corroded body mount bolts and nuts can be a problem, and make sure you don't jack the vehicle up under the rockers. I recommend some wood underneath the driver and passenger feet rest areas...nice and flat surface to jack up. And don't over do it on the jack up part because you can stretch stuff i.e. brake lines, heater hoses, etc. It is not that hard of a job man, and it is a great mod for very little $$$. I am convinced if you deflare and high clearance the fenders and run a 1" body lift, you could easily run 37's with the stock suspension! Easily...
All good advice. Hand tools will do fine. I used a 12v impact wrench just to speed up the process. Another tip is to install the two rear bolts upside down. I think the biggest pain was the radiator. I misread one of the "how to" posts & redrilled the lower radiator brackets. What this did was raised the radiator with the body instead of lowering it to stay with the chassis. I ended up cutting the bottom of the shroud. I've got no problems from this, but if I had to do it over I would definately lower the radiator.

Oh yeah, be careful with the rear heater hose near the cat. I cracked mine. I used a 2x4 to distribute the weight, but didn't notice the rear heater hose due to being behind the heat shield.
I used all hand tools. I say that, I did use a drill press for the lower radiator mounts, but a vice and a power drill would work as well.
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Great info. I ordered mine (1" coloured with HD hardware) a couple of weeks ago and Roger sent it out the next day which surprised me. I'll be picking the kit up next week from the states along with some other stuff I ordered. I'll start hitting it today with Seafoam...

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