79 Aisan carb install

Jan 5, 2008
Summerville Sc
79 Aisan carb install
Hiya- I'm plodding along on my carb install project and have hit another snag. After scouring the posts for anything carb and vac related, I found this thread which worked out the vac lines in an almost identicle situation. Almost. Evidently, my 79 carb is just differant enough to be a pita. Honestly, I have only a very basic knowledge on carbs and vac theory- I just want to finish my installation.I understand that there will be adjustments,etc but I'm under no deadline.(though I miss my dd) OK- Heres the issue- connection F is different on my carb.Instead of 1 line coming out, I have 2 vac ports there.It is either that,or that one port in the middle replaces F.None of these connect to the down angled port which the 78 carb has ( connection F).
If I have gathered correctly,all the connections I need are as follows:
1. vacuum advance from dis. to connection G
2. fuel in- connection J
3. switched power to fuel cut sol. E
4. my missing F connection
I have capped all else, w/ the exception of 2 ports on insulator block.Can someone help me work out that F connection? Thanks to Trollhole and co. for the excellent thread I've been working from. (the diagrams were most helpful)

A- capped. There is no large outer vent hose on a 76 canister.
B- capped. EGR inlet to carb
C- choke breaker. connect to vacuum fitting on intake manifold in front of carb. Remove TP linkage.
D- remove.
E- ICS- connect to stock carb wire.
F- HIC. connect to vac nipple on PCV fitting in side of intake.
G- distributor vacuum advance, if so equipped.
H- cap
I- cap
J- fuel feed
K- fuel return. Plug if using 79-newer pump.



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Feb 6, 2002
Bump for you.

I don't know '79 carbs well enough to know what the "F" it is. The '79 smog manual would probably be informative. There are more carbs like this on FJ60s, so you might ask over on the 60 forum or PM Jim C.

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