74 Knuckel rebuil

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Sep 8, 2006
Elizabeth City, NC
74 Knuckel Rebuild (Drum)

So there I was up to my elbows in a slimy mixture of gear oil and grease, all parts cleaned and ready to assemble and to my extreme disappointment if found that the big seal (one behind the aft wheel bearing) is to big, and the outer retainer also to too large. I think I was sent a kit for disc breaks... or what? Also I noticed that the original shims were way to thick (the pull was about 3lbs.) so I installed a thick and tin shim on the top and bottom and got about 15 lbs of pull (31” tires). I know the pull is ok but was I right in shooting from the hip and installing the shims? I got my parts from a place that some on this site would never do business with but if figured what the hell; hopefully they will send me what I need to finish the job. Where do I get new studs for the knuckles, I am having problems locating them locally. Any thought and or suggestion on this Knuckle rebuild are most appreciated, this is my first Knuckle rebuild.


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