72 FJ40 Question

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Sep 29, 2014
Evans GA
So here it is, I have a 73 FJ40 and it is a work in progress, I have found a 72 FJ40 that has been sitting on the woods for the last 20 years literally, it was driven there and parked. I met with the owner and he is the one that parked it. So it has no top it has the soft doors and has been left in the elements for the last 20 year and the body is a rusty ruin. Not sure anything is worth saving, as it just in really bad shape, my question is this, I could not turn the motor over since it had not battery, the radiator is dry, as are both the brake and clutch master cylinders. What are the chances the motor is lock up, everything under the hood is really rusted, is there any value to a find like this? Should have taken some pics sorry

I'm no expert but from what I have read on MUD is that the F motors are hard to kill. That being said you would definitely need to pull the plugs and put some oil in the cylinders and let it sit before trying to turn the motor. I would try and turn it by hand before trying to start it.

Good Point! It is an F and from what little I know as well they were pretty tuff
That is the question, I told him that we could talk $$ once it turned over, I told him the value would be in the motor and drive train possibly. Any idea on a value on the F155 motor and trany? I will see if I can get some pics.

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