6L80 AA Adapter

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Jun 22, 2007
The Land of Enchantment
I am working on installing a GenV LS with a 6L80 into my truck. I have the adapter from AA to get it to my split case. The instructions are basically non-existent. Do any of you have any help you can offer getting this whole thing put together. Basically the AA instructions give me a great history of GM automatic transmissions and they tell me to cut the output shaft on the transmission down to 4". I checked out this video of a guy doing one for a Jeep and he for sure has some good tech but other than that I can't find anything. I will document the process on my own transmission and transfer case for the benefit of everyone. Thanks for the help guys.

I'd double check with AA about the seal and pipe plugs. Other than that it is shorten the auto output shaft to the specified length and then bolting on the adapter plates and new output shaft. Once that is done reference the Toyota service manual for installing the transmission with adapter to the split transfer case and you should be good to go.

My install was NV4500 to 3 spd transfer case but basically the same process. I used a HF portable band saw to cut my output shaft, worked great. Bevel the end of the shaft and you're done except for assembly.

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