66 fj40 transfer case problem

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Jan 5, 2006
I got a new for me 1966 fj40. I just got it on the road two days ago. It was throughly checked out by a very good mechancic who tested everything and fixed what was needed. The motor runs better than nost new cars so that is great news.
However, while testing the PTO winch things by myself were fine, I got it the winch working and the transfer case back into high. when showing my wife how to get in and out of 4wd and then how the winch worked a problem showed up.

The winch worked fine again, but when we put the auxillary lever back into the high postion the transfer case wouldn't shift out of neutral.

Since we were stopped at the time an the column shifter was in neutral I suspect this must be something easy.

I am not very mechanical but think I should be able to figure it out. I have not found anything useful online and I haven't been able to figure it out just by looking at it.

Any ideas,

I've found with mine sometimes you might have to rock it back and forth as the gears aren't lining up.
What does rock it back and worth mean?
with my wife at the wheel. I lpushed the truck about a truck length foward and back then had her try to put it into gear with no luck.

Got a newbie question, I have never seen equipment like this and I am unsure how it all works, I thought I knew but now I have doubts.

Is FD pull knob is uses to engage the vacume for 4wd?

for instance.
1. lock hubs, pull knob to get to 4wd high?
2. push knbo to get to 2wd high.

In this truck the transfer case level automatically pulls out the fd knob why?
it seems that the knob resticts the t-case from ever getting to the low position?

is this correct or am I missing something

if this is correct how do I get the truck into 4wd Low?

am I correct that in too use the PTO winch I need to have the tcase in neutral and I can then use the column shift gears to control how fast the winch works?

the PTO has a floor shifter for forward and reverse and that works fine.

THanks for the help,


PS, I have been searching for info and have not gotten a clear picture of everything.
sorry for all the typos, I have to have speel check around...
While the PTO and transfer case lo/hi work independently, if you have the PTO engaged, it might prevent the teeth on the output gear and shaft from matching up so that it will shift. Try either putting the PTO in N or putting the tranny in gear and letting out the clutch a bit to allow the teeth in the tansfer case output to engage.
You have everything right...

For 4 wheel low you have to pull out the lever which pulls out the Front Drive knob.. Do you still have the metal plate on the glove box with the instructions?

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