4th annual GCLC Fine Expedition (1 Viewer)

Dec 8, 2006
New Jersey
Announcing the 4th annual “GCLC Fine Expedition” at Rami’s Place in Fine, NY. This is open to all GCLC members from September 19th-22nd.

Rami owns 465 pristine acres of land with a 380' change in elevation just outside of Fine, NY. There are 2WD access roads onto the property as well as to the campsite. The property already has several trails that have been cut, but will most likely need to be cleared the first day so we can access the rest of the area.

There are no services available so campers must be completely self-sufficient, and leave no trace behind.

The purpose of this trip is to try to open a previously marked trail and mark out other trails that we feel would be cool to cut. Once marked and plotted on a GPS, Rami would clear the trails as time permits.
Over the last several years we have plotted a basic trail map along with several waypoints that would be the start of some great trails.

I know this sounds like work, but it is way more fun than just wheeling and I look forward to this every year. It is too much fun.

Trail trucks need to be very well equipped to open trails. Full recovery gear, winch, 35” or larger mud terrain tires, lockers, etc. If you're coming up to help and camp then any vehicle will be fine. Chainsaws and the ability to use them will be appreciated as well as general manpower to move debris.

· You must be a paid GCLC member.
· All GCLC trail safety rules apply.
· Waivers must be signed to attend and will be collected by Rami.
· Only experienced chainsaw operators will be allowed to use saws.

While this location is twice the distance from NYC to Dave's Place, it offers close to 5 times the area with double the elevation change. All GCLC members are welcome and encouraged to come up and help. This land is remote and incredibly beautiful and you know we always eat well. Some pictures can be found here:


Rich is putting together a registration page and it should be up shortly.

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