4runner calipers pictures

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Apr 10, 2007
Austin, Tx
I'm not sure whether I have 4runner calipers or not. They look larger than stock but honestly I so new to the cruiser world, I don't know what a stock caliper looks like. They do however look a lot like my brother's '95 4runner calipers. So some pictures would be appreciated.

There's no way to tell. Even with casting numbers there's no positive way to distinguish between mini truck and 4Runner or even the date of manufacture unless you pull them yourself. I am going thru this right now w/ a set of S12W calipers.....casting numbers do nothing when you are at the parts counter. Ask CDan. He explained it to me. Get his remans for $75 and use old ones as cores, and save yourself the heartache and wasted time.
All you have to do is look at the pistons. The orginal calipers for the 60/62 have one large pair and one small pair of pistons. The V6 mini-truck calipers have 4 large pistons. I'm sure if you search the 'net you can get the actual diameters, even a picture.

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