4 speed date code

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Mar 25, 2012
middle tn
Hi all,
Can anyone tell me how to determine what year 4 speed I have. I think it is between 74 and 80 due to the back up light switch location. I need to order gaskets for it and Spector shows two different kits. One from 74 to76. One from 76 to 80
Thanks, Rick
I think the 74'-76' doesn't have the crossmember attach point on the bottom of tranny case.
And the 76' & later has it like the FJ60 does.

I know I have a 74' 4 speed tyranny & it doesn't have the crossmember mounting point on it.

Others more knowledgable will chime in with better info.

Cheers, Allen
The crossmember didn't start until 8/80. The spline count for the tail shaft changed from sixteen to nineteen at the same time. Seems there was a extra bolt on the bottom of the back plate on the later 4 speed. Three verves two. Post a picture of the back and I'm sure someone could tell you.
Does the tranny still have the original t-case with it? The date code is stamped on the t-case. <---Click the linky

The only thing I've found on transmission is a casting date, and it can be impossible to read.

The only significant difference I'm aware of in the 73-80 years is the PTO cover goes away (is no longer machined out) in mid '76. There is a cork gasket for the cover that should be in a tranny reseal kit.
The two verves three bolts on the bottom is something I believe that was posted by Mark A. I have a few H42s stored away. One I know is early because it has the side PTO cover. It only has two bolts around the bottom. Another is from a 78 and it has three bottom around the bottom. The extra one being right at the bottom between the other two. The PTO gasket could easily be included in a kit and not used on later transmissions. Would think there would need to be two rear gaskets for the back to only have one kit. Curious if this was a leak source which is why the third bolt was added.:hmm:

Edit: looking at SOR site diagram http://www.sor.com/cat062.sor the back gasket changed 4/76. 9/73 to 4/76 then 4/76 to 7/80. Which would have to change 8/80 because the bolt pattern on the split transfer case. The PTO sounds 9/73 to 4/76. If the PTO opening lasted that long I don't know. While I do have a 76 FJ40 that was made in 75 and does have a PTO cover it is a M42 not a H42. Need to check my 68. I believe the H42 was out of a 76. I remember it doesn't have the PTO opening but never check the number of bolts on the back. It would make sense to only change the casting once. Remove the PTO opening and add the third bolt.
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