3rd Row Compatability

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Oct 23, 2011

The PO of my 91 sold off the 3rd row seats and I'm looking to reintroduce them via shopping fellow mudders posts as well as craigslist. Can anyone clarify which years are compatabile with mine as an clean simple bolt in application. For example, I'm currently looking at a 96, but am not sure if they'll work.

Much thanks in advance.

This should probably be posted in the classifieds, but Where are you located? I have some grey leather seats that I don't think have ever been used that i would probably sell.
I test drove a '91 that had 3rd row seats from an LX450, which would have to be 95 or later.
If you happen to be in east Texas, I have gray leather from a 92.

Post up your location.

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Portland Oregon. Ideally dark grey leather. Let me know if you're close by and have this. As always, thanks for all the help.

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