3rd Annual Mardi Krawl

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Common Guys, I thought there would have been WAY more talk than this. What's keeping yall??? Lets go WHEEEEL

We don't have any trails like this in LA......so we travel to AL........you should make your travel plans now........unless you live in Tuscumbia, AL........then you can sit back and relax.........but you still want to register. Registration won't be open forever and walk up registration will cost a little more.
Do you know this guy? This is Lee. He is the Events Coordinator for LLK and he is wondering why you are waiting to register for a great event. You can meet him at the 3rd Annual Mardi Krawl! Don't wait.....get registered now. Registration will be closing in the not so distant future and Lee doesn't want you to miss out on the driver's bag and t-shirt.


Even the infamous JRob has to take a break from building them once in a while. Here he is directing traffic on the trails at Hawk Pride. If you come to Mardi Krawl you might get the opportunity to shake his hand.

This photo reminds me...have you spoken to Mark about a geology ride? This is one of the spots he mentioned as being of interest within the park.

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