350 or 2F

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Apr 8, 2005
Raleigh, NC
I'm looking for another cruiser. Its going to be more of a daily driver than my first one which had a chevy 350 and I've never owned or driven one with a 2f in it... I want to hear some of your opinions on which would be better for a almost daily driver a 2F or 350. it will be a big determining factor when I look for a new cruiser.

thanks in advance
The 2f is a great engine, very reliable and a great little workhorse. Fairly expensive to rebuild when the time comes. Not a lot of power, not fuel efficient.

The 350 is a great big engine, pretty reliable and also a good workhorse. Cheap to rebuild, LOTS of power. Theoritically more fuel efficient than a 2f, but in reality probably works out to about the same.
Also require adaptors fo be made/purchased for engine mounts, tranny, etc.

I have a 350 in my fj40, and propane fueled 2f in my fj45; happy with both. I don't use either of them for a daily driver, anymore that is. I have a 42 mpg Echo for that.
personal choice..
Its going to be more of a daily driver...
thanks in advance

Either one would suck (gas) as a DD. Get a beater Honda Civic (or equivalent) and you can save enough gas money to buy a nice cruiser to cruise in.
I'm going to keep the P.O.S. fuel efficient car I have now, but I'm single, have a good job, and don't have kids so gas prices aren't the biggest concern to me.
My vote is for 2f.
Looks like you've already had a 350 so like it's been mention personal preference.

Do like me and have one of each. Seriously, it's all a personal preference. I have a 40 with a transitional F.5 and it very strong with loads of torque. I'm currently building a 55 with a V-8 because I really like them too and I LOVE the sound of a V-8 with a good exhaust.
I've had both, my advice:

Focus more on buying the best cruiser you can find and that you can see in person before you buy it.

If your looking for a late model truck with a 2F and PS and find a great truck with a V8, then consider that and vice versa. I once came across a FJ60 when looking for FJ40 and it was the best cruiser that I ever owned. Take into account price and condition. The 60 was a bargain, the guy was the original owner, he'd taken great care of it and it came with a OEM tool kit from his first Land Cruiser - a early 70's FJ55. I would have been a fool to walk away.

I will add this to the equation, as much as F and 2F powered trucks tend to be old and worn these days, most V8 trucks are afflicted and have a lot of bugs to work out of them. No matter what the owners says about not over heating, check it out for yourself. Look for boogers welds, half baked engineering and crappy parts on any truck, but especially a V8 swap. One man's idea of great may not be on par with yours. A well put together V8 truck is a pleasure to own as is a well maintained F/2F. Like someone else said, your personal choice.

I've driven both, and prefer the 350 because I think it's better suited at highway speeds in mountain passes. For slow speed operation and most 'round town driving, there's not a big difference, unless you're a lead foot. The F/2F might hold a bit of advantage for crawling.

One thing I can tell you about a stock 350 in an FJ40 - they like four barrels with small primaries, like the QuadraJet. I had a Holley 650 Truck Avenger on it, and the low end crawl response sucked. But good gracious Betsy it got up and hauled ass. The QuadraJet has vastly better low end and gets better fuel economy, but doesn't produce as much raw power.
this is a personal preference.

i have a 350 in my fj40 and sometimes i wish i put the old 2f back in it, until i drive around and love the sound of a v8. A properly setup v8 with a q-jet will do wonders offroad and onroad including fuel economy.

btw a properly setup q-jet can out perform a lot of 4 bbls
I had both

I had a rebuilt 2F with all the goodies in my last Cruiser. It had Ceramic Headers, DUI Ignition and wires, new Weber carb and rebuilt internals. In Dallas traffic it still would barely keep up on the highways. 70-75mph was pushing it big time.

I much prefer the V8 ZZ4 I have now. It's probably overkill, but it will boogie and I can cruise at 80mph down the North Dallas Tollway no problem.
I've also had both, but V8 spoils you, hard to go back. If I were going to have a 6 cyl. cruiser, it would absolutely have to have a fuel injection conversion (and not one of the "save you a buck" kits that will leave you disappointed with fuel injection).
I've had both, my advice:

...most V8 trucks are afflicted and have a lot of bugs to work out of them. No matter what the owners says about not over heating, check it out for yourself. Look for boogers welds, half baked engineering and crappy parts on any truck, but especially a V8 swap.

Have you been looking at my truck or something?
IMO for a DD, ditch the 350 and find a 283 to stuff in there. I daily drove my 40 with a 283 in it for about 6 years. Now that I look back it was great. It got about 13-14 MPG and it was a tired motor. I also have a heavy right foot. It also provided a good balance of power for performance, and what the drive train can handle reliably. It also never had any overheating issues with the stock radiator.

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