350 conversion running warm (1 Viewer)

Apr 7, 2021
Anaheim hills Ca
I’m new to the forum but looking forward to the insight provided. I have a 1970 FJ40 with a 350 (355 really with forged pistons) conversion and TH 350 transmission... stock transfer case.
I’m sure this topic isn’t new but I’m looking for help keeping this engine cool. It’s spring and the engine hasn’t gotten over 210 but I’m worried about summer. I’ve just put a new aluminum core radiator with electric fan but still having issues... a few min after I shut the engine off, fluid spews from the overflow line.
Transmission also having (infrequent) shifting issues getting into 3rd gear... that keeps the RPM’s a little high (3k) when cruising down the road and wondering if these two issues are linked? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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