33x12.5x15 vs. 10.5 BFG MUD

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Apr 3, 2010
Los Angeles, CA
Looking at some tires for sale. Im wondering what your experineces/opinions are regarding the 12.5 vs 10.5. I will be doing daily driving and light trail and sand.
good point. I have those stock white wheels on right now with a 31x10.5x15
How much lift do you have on right now, or are you planning on a lift? 10.50's with a 2 1/2" lift and 12.50's with a 4" lift. Pretty good match up that way.

hey bud, its all personal preference. Some like the tall and skinny, some like the short and balloon look.

Sent you a pm, call me
Depends on if you have power steering or not...the 12.5's will be noticeably harder to turn without ps...
12.50s are livable without PS but if I was buying tires I'd go for 10.50s since the wider tires get old quick at low speeds.
I have 33x12.50x15 Goodyear MT/Rs on my FJ40.

They do well on mud and sand, and so far I have not needed to air them down.

They have a bit too large footprint for snow and ice. By that, I think they reduce the weight per square inch a little too much.

I have not done serious rock crawling with them, but they don't slip much, but that may be because I siped the tires.

They do require a lot more steering effort at slow speeds with manual steering. I have really only found this to be an issue when trying to back a short tongued trailer. It's tough to turn the wheel fast enough to compensate for trailer yaw. On gravel and dirt there is no need for power steering from an effort standpoint. (Bump steer is another issue, but that's the kind of steering, and I doubt the size between 1050 and 1250 has much to do with it.)

The biggest objection I have is wheel well clearance. I think 10.50's make a lot more sense with stock wheel wells and up to a 4" lift. They foul the lips. And there is very little clearance with chains. It's bad enough that I'm going to replace my 2.5" lift springs with 4" lift springs, retaining my longer shackles. I think that's better than replacing the tires, which are still almost like new.
10.5s are the choice if you dont want to cut your wheelwells. They do not have the (street) corner handling that you'll get with the 12.5s do to sidewall flex. But you also have less tire on the road so should get better milage

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