2F water pump

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Anyone got a 2F water pump? mines rattling and it will take the auto parts store 10 days to get one

Is that the noise at higer rpm's??
My bad. I switched to an electric fan and when I bolted the pully back I neglected to add washers and the nuts bottomed out on the studs. the pully was just loose. :bang:
3.73 diffs

Hey Rob, I just remembered that I have two diffs with 3.73 gears that was taken out of my VJ60 when I went to 4.56. I had an extra set of diffs that Matt used to put the 4.56 in. I also have those ring and pinions only of that 3.73 set. So in short, I have two diffs with 3.73 gears and another set of 3.73 ring and pinions only for install into diffs.

Let me know if you are interested. For anyone really. I like beer!
cruiser dan for a factory one in a couple of days. price is not bad

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