24V and 12V interchangable trailer wiring and lights

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May 15, 2005
So I have the 12V HT60 and 24V BJ74. I want to wire tow my trailer with either. I have the round
Grote taillights, which due to design I need to keep.

ONE LED Trailer Tail Light - Stop, Tail, Turn - Submersible - Round - Red Lens - Weathertight Plug Optronics Trailer Lights STL003RMB

These are cheap so I can get them as replacements. Is there any tail light harness for the BJ74?
I have the 60 all wired up, so I hope to wire the BJ74 with the same coding and was wondering if
there is a difference?
I'd just do exactly what you're thinking and change out the lights to your required voltage. On a side note, i'm clearing out the shop of excess that i'm not using so if you need lights, i've got a pile of tail lights, marker lights, 12volt and 24volt. If you need something let me know.

You're welcome to come have a look. The second exit as you come into Victoria, a few minutes up the road from Costco. Let me know and i'll send you my address/number.
in the past, I've created some complicated little boxes full of 24v relays switching 12v in order to have a 12v output on the arse end for a trailer. First time I did it , details are a bit foggy, but I think I used 5 relays so that the 5-4 pin converter only saw 12v, second time I only used 4, because the converter didn't mind running on 24v. Ran it that way for years.

So this time, I think I'm not going to bother. I'll just do a 5-4 convert and 24v output, then throw some led bulbs in the trailer that can run off pretty much any voltage. Then swmbo can use it with the crv as well.

Pretty unlikely I'll ever need to tow anyone else's trailer with the cruiser.
I've been thinking through this as well because of my 74, and because many LED's are rated at 10-30v it makes sense to install those on the trailer and then plug whatever voltage from whatever vehicle into them. Use the 5-4 converter and away you go, just as seapotato has suggested.
I've got converters in the BJ74, but I am thinking LED lights will allow either input 12V or 24V?

So no one knows of a plug and play rear harness for a BJ74? Anyone have one they imported with one?
Probably no different from one for an fj60. Same wiring connectors I would think?

Edit...because I thought it might save hassle when I do this, I googled. Apparently no direct fit for fj60 either. Always seems like most common cruiser to have something available for it. Maybe Australia I suppose, but don't think I'll bother.
Could make something up with a couple extra taillight connectors that would just plug in, so you didn't have to hack the actual harness.

I'll probably just hack the harness :lol:
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