For Sale 20x9.5 Volk PCD Forged rims - set of 5 in Mint condition(TX)

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May 29, 2011
Houston TX
United States
these were my dream setup for my 200 - custom ordered in satin black these are 20x9.5 Et 55, only 23lbs each bas they are truly Forged rims,
iphone 9.4.17 041.JPG
iphone 8.16.17 009.JPG
Iphone 10.29.17 015.JPG
they are probalby the lightest option for a Landcruiser/ Tundra or Sequoia plus they will clear a big brake kit ( my intended need originally). These have roughly 6k on them and ar like new, never wheeled and include black Monster lugs.

Could be combined with either 37/11.5 Toyo MT's or 35x11.5 Ridge Grapplers that I have - plus several spacer options / TPMS sensors etc....

Rims alone - asking $ 4500 / dropped to $ 4000
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Dropped price to 4,000 cash for the set of 5 rims / lugs and sensors.
Dropped to 3800 for the set.
price drop to 3500 shipped for the set of 5 with Sensors....these are like new, at half the cost and none of the wait.

Pm me if you'd like more info or pics.

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