2017 GX460 Premium Zero Point Calibration - which terminals?

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Jan 18, 2021
San Francisco Bay Area
I bought a CC and MTS module for my '17 GX460 Premium. I watched YouTuber DIY Speed Garage and understand that the CC module requires a zero point calibration. I plan on using the paperclip method to connect/disconnect the terminals on the OBD port and want to confirm the terminal numbers I should be using. Below is a screenshot of the DIY Speed Garage video on the zero point calibration and a picture of my OBD port. I've annotated my picture with arrows marking the terminals where I think the paper clips should be inserted. I want to double check with others here since the OBD port on the DIY Speed Garage seems to show some blank terminals without metal connections while for my OBD port all the terminals have metal connections (maybe because I have a Premium trim and DIY Speed Garage has a different trim?).


diy speed garage.png

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