2013 GX 460 - opinions needed

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Aug 30, 2020
I’m about 3 months in to searching for the perfect everyday driver that is confident off road and I have landed on the GX460. I’m stoked but needed an opinion or two from some experts- I found a 2013 with 130K miles for 19.5k. That’s definitely more miles than I was hoping and price isn’t screaming but wanted to get a few thoughts on if that would be something to seriously consider? I have owned an 05 tundra and know the bullet proof reliability of Toyota/Lexus but a little extra help is always appreciated!
What do you know about the service history? Log onto the Lexus owner's site to see what they have documented. Has the truck always lived in Utah - what other environments has it lived in? Good success in your search...
Before I purchased my 12 in Las Vegas last month I researched the VIN through Lexus drivers site and found it had every service done through Lexus dealerships plus a couple of Tcase and diff fluid changes and Transmission service at 60k. With that knowledge and condition I pulled the trigger. I paid 22.7k with 91k miles. Also has lived it's entire life out here in the west so no rust!

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