2007 LC - Cold Air Intake

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Nov 28, 2017
Charleston, SC
I'm the new owner of a 2007 Land Cruiser and am looking to install a cold air intake if possible. Everywhere I've looked - K&N and TRD - they've not offered a new intake system for the 2007 LC. Is there any way to install one / is there any need to?
Keep in mind the oil added into the cold air intake could mess up the MAF sensor. What's wrong with the OEM filter?
Great thanks for the advice - and yeah there’s nothing wrong with it, just looking for an upgrade. What other upgrades would you recommend for my LC?
Change your heater tees! :rofl:
Forget "upgrades" and baseline the new to you truck.
That means all new fluids and filters, you can add all the crap you want but if you're on a tow truck because it broke down all those cool mods do you no good.
Snorkel it!

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