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For sale is my 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser, I have only owned it since December where I bought it from it's original owner in Huntington Beach, California. The timing belt was replaced at 98k miles and the car runs amazing, for the last 2 years of it's life I was told it sat and collected dust in his driveway next to his new 200 series.

The bad:
• It has a very mild oil leak (maybe put 1 quart in every 3 or 4 months just to be safe)
• The driver, front passenger and 2nd row seats have small tears in the seat bottom.
• The lower lift gate had a bad bondo job and the paint is cracking on it.
• The front passenger side turning signal plastic lens has cracked.

The good:
• I just spent 1,100$ in maintenance
- Front, rear pads replaced
- Rear calipers, rotors replaced
- Front, driver's side CV boot/axle replaced

• Never seen dirt
• ZERO rust/corrosion (just standard oxidation of misc. rubber trim pieces)
• The car is great mechanically
• Lots of power
• Excellent braking
• Smooth shifting
• 4WD Hi/Low work perfectly
• VSC is great for DD
• A-TRAC is actually pretty cool ()
• Tires have 90% tread left

Asking $9,200
I just had the dreaded ABS/VSC/Brake alarm come on, brakes went soft and everything. It sounds like the MBC is going to have to be replaced/rebuilt.

Car is off the market unless someone wants to make me a decent offer in it's current condition.

Wasn't exactly expecting this!

Car is located in Costa Mesa, California.
Ok, since this is my DD and I am in need of a vehicle I'm going to unload this as-is. The issue with the master brake cylinder is going to cost around 2k-2.5k. I don't feel like spending that much money on this vehicle because I really need something reliable (the main reason I bought the car.)

I'll do my best to get some photos of it.

I will drop the price for it's current condition to $6,500, that is 2,700$ cheaper than my original asking price and please take into account new pads and rotors on all 4 corners and new calipers in the rear.

Bring a trailer or a flatbed!
Bump, asking 6,500.
Needs a new brake master cylinder.
Quoted $4,000 by Toyota HB for new assembly, install and calibration.

New pads/rotors all 4 corners.
New brake calipers in the rear.
New CV boot front driver's side.
Drivable, but only 10% brakes with faulty BMC, flatbed it or tow it.

Timing belt replaced at 110k, mechanically very strong aside from BMC.











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