Trade 200 series ARB bumper for your 200 factory bumper

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Apr 1, 2006
United States
Guys- I'm posting this for a friend to get his 200 series LC back to stock, factory condition. His LC has a full ARB bumper on it and he needs your plastic factory bumper, with foglights, etc so it is a plug and play swap. Color not an issue. Vehicle is in Dallas, TX. Winch is $500 if you want it.

Please PM HIM if you can make the trade. His Mud handle is crazycarl.

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I would kill to see this thread in few years. Shouldn't be too hard. Good luck.
Wanna bet how many posts?
Motivation trumps everything, in this case. Somebody give us your bumper!
Is this from the 200 that's Rhinolined all over? He's got a LONG way to go back to stock.

As long as the bumper isn't Rhinolined also, I'd trade straight up for a stock 100 series bumper. I'd even bring it to Dallas for ya. It's got a couple of rock chips on it, but no rips or tears.

Seriously I would, but I doubt either one of us could make it work on our trucks. If you are interested, let me know.
Again....somebody give us your 200 (TWO HUNDRED) series bumper.

Thanks for the offer.
Are we talking an even trade?

What is the condition of the bumper? Looks like the left side fog light and marker light are missing. Has it been painted?

It will be very hard to talk my wife into this swap, but it may be worth a try.
For brevity's sake PM HIM. I have been told a trade is what he wants. Mud handle is crazycarl.
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PM sent

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