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Oct 15, 2015
Hey all, as you all may or may not know I'm a Veteran and life has been a wild ride since I joined our Toyota Club back in 2015.
I would love to share some stories of my adventures with everyone when we meet up on the July Club Run.

Since then, I've been living out of my cruiser and camping all over the island in some of the most scenic spots ever.
Feel free to offer-up suggestions of where I should go next, and I will post photos here on the mud for everyone to follow my journey.

I don't like to ask for help, but the old 60 is in need of some repairs asap to keep my overland expedition alive, so please, if the club can come together to help me get her fixed up and reliable again please let me know so I don't end up stranded in the ruggedness of the island wilderness somewhere.

Anyone with a shop who has the knowledge to help me would sure be greatly appreciated, and I got most of the parts now to fix what is needed.
Please PM me, email, or post a reply here. In the past, I helped Colin weld up his frame before, I know he will help me! Graham said he has some parts for me too that is a big help too. Also, I know Jim and Rob have always been there to help me too :p

In the meantime, I am stuck till I get some help with my 60 and will be camping out in Central Island area.

Send emails to islandrover@live.ca

Thank you!

JCamo [Jeromy]

Hey just read your post. Good to hear your doing ok and Thank You for your Service to our country!!!
So hey I don't have a shop yet, its on my list though someday soon I hope!
Anyways if one of our club members with a shop is willing to help you, please let me know I will come be there to lend a hand.
Keep me posted!!
Hey everyone, I left out what needs to be done... so the tcase needs rebuilt, I have the parts, and a front axle seal. I am also looking to get a roof rack and bumpers front and back built or an arb for the front and a rear one built. I do have a turbo I’d like to put in also, but missing a couple things. I do have money for parts and I will supply beer 🍺and food 🤙🏻
Ya I’ve put them off simply because of the fact that its a pain. Now I got no choice...I don’t have much else to offer...
Jim and Rob volunteered to sing a duo wherein nothing but a speedo and unicorn masks for the club! 😂😂

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