2 BJ44s and a BJ46 for sale northern CA!!!

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United States
listing these three rigs for our friends joe and paula, you might know them from the "coastal get-together" just south of half moon bay in northern CA.

all 3 cruisers are registered in OR and come with clean titles. they all run and drive, were brought over from japan a few months ago.

1) 1982 bj42. orange in color, factory ps, 4spd, disc brakes, 4cyl diesel. lots of rust but runs and drives good. this one will need some body work or would make a great ranch-rig. $12k obo

2) 1982 bj42. black in color, factory ps, 4syl diesel, 4spd, 2.5: lift, clean body runs and drives well. a coup,e of small rust areas, can be seen in the pics in the link. $15k firm

3) 1984 BJ44. super rare rig here i nthe USA. factory ps, ac and 5spd trans. 2.5" lift, electric winch, body in nice shape, runs and drives excellent. a couple of small rust areas can be seen in pics also. $20k FIRM!

you can see plenty of pics of all these cruisers here:


please call joe or paula at 650-726-7977 and leave a message if you get the answering machine...........

here's a pic of the BJ44. :cool:
IMO the 44 is the perfect size rig for trail use. That one looks great.
i drove the 44 for about 15 minutes when i checked out the rigs and it was definetly fun. love the size and proportions as well. i'm glad i already have an HJ47 or i'd have to buy this one. :)

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