1GR-FE Nightmare

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Aug 6, 2007
Raymond, MS
Long story short I installed a reman motor from a company in Los Angles and am getting a code for bank 1 over retarded. I suspected that the chain was installed incorrectly from the get go but the company says that that is not possible blah blah. I removed the valve covers to check the timing marks and sure enough if I line the marks up on the head the crank is off. The company I am dealing with is saying that that is how it is supposed to be. Never heard of such. They sent me a new, well used cam sprocket for the side that is off and said to set the timing according to the heads not the crank. I'm worried about following there instructions and causing damage or having the same problem and them blaming it on me. I now have an irritated customer and a company that in my opinion messed up with the assembly and am trying to get someone more familiar with toyotas 4.0 to shed some light on the situation. Attached are pictures of the timing marks of the new reman engine.
That looks like a reman problem. I know the customer will be mad but I would send it back before going any further. Sound like they are trying to put you at fault. I know damn good an well Toyota didn't put timing marks on the engine for them not to line up or at least be really close. I call BS. I have a good friend that works for Toyota if you would like for me to give him a call to sort it out for you.
I would love to send it back but the company will not take it back. They sent the pulley and deducted the cost of it from my core charge. Seems like all I can do is fly to LA and file a claim against them there. It's places like this that give auto shops a bad name.
I know what you mean. That's just part of riding the bull. Let me know if you need another opinion. My friend has been with Toyota for years. He works on the 4.0 everyday. I'm sure he can share some insight on the problem.
If you can get me in contact with your Toyota tech that would be great. My number is 601-665-8588

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