1997 40th Anniversary

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Aug 4, 2011
I have a chance to check out and possibly purchase a 1997 40th Anniversary Cruiser. I have an 87 but ten years is a lot different. The asking price is $6900. The details are thin right now but can you all give me an idea of what i should be looking for with regards to issues of this particular model and a range of prices based off condition and mileage. From the pics it looks to be in great shape and I think the mileage ~ 160k. But we all know pics don't tell the full story. It is about an hour away so I plan to go look but wanted to be as prepared as possible. Thanks!
I am in North Louisiana as is the vehicle but I think is originally from San Antonio.
Itis locked. I am waiting to hear about a few details before I make a trip. Any specific maintenance issues that I should ask about?
The front axles...on each side where the clean metal turns....all greasy then it's going to need a rebuild.

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