1992 Toyota Hilux Surf 2Lte power loss on hills

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Aug 26, 2022
Vancouver, B.C.
Hi all, I bought a 1992 hilux surf with the 2lte last summer. Lately the engine has been a dog on any decent hill and misfires on start up with lots of smoke out the exhaust but runs ok once warmed up. Truck has decent acceleration on flat. Pedal to the medal the truck will only do 30/km/h up hill and looses speed and rpm quickly if you hit the hill at speed. Recently I discovered my wiring for my intake air temp sensor wasn't reading properly I ended up fixing the wiring so it gets the proper 5 volts but my sensor is shorted to so I am waiting for a oem replacement. Not sure if that would be my issue I know I am making boost my green turbo light lights up around 1800rpm and I have a boost gauge and can see I am making 12lbs of boost. Ive tried to raise/ lower the boost with no success. If anyone has some info it would be really appreciated. Thanks!

Truck specs: 1992 Toyota Hilux surf ssr-x 2lte
New turbo
New head gasket/water pump/ timing belt
New alternator
2.5" exhuast
Egr delete
Injection pump rebuild
All rubber hoses replaced with silicon hoses
Ported exhaust manifold
Boost controller
Boost gauge

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