1992 Landcruiser problems

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Feb 12, 2006
I was in love with this car ever since I was young ... but never bought it until now and ended up buying the same classic 1992 '80 series (Toyota version of LX450) with 144,000 miles... I know I should have gotten something new but this will be our third car ..(our adventure car) .. I drove it like 800 miles yesterday after buying it in ny and bringing it back to il ... i noticed the following problems and need you gurus to help me ... i really need your help on what these problems are and what is the best way of fixing them and how much should I be looking to spend... just as n fyi (even with all these issues, when i drove it i fell in love with it... please help me .. i want to keep this car!) and please dont direct me to the newbie section ... cos i dont know what is wrong .. if i know that i will go and check!

1. Rear end real bouncy (I assumed struts worn out)
2. Sharp grinding sound from the front right wheel when turned right at high speeds ( i already checked the tire is not contacting the bumper or fender wall)
3. oil dripping (how to find the source, what are the most common areas?)
4. Not downshifting when acceletaor is floored or pressed at higher speeds , even at 45 it will not downshift but if I use cruise control it downshifts right away... but now the cruise control stopped working... it swtiches off by itself and the light starts blinking on the console?)
5. crack in windsheild .. best way of getting it fixed
6. where should I buy the front bumper filler and bumper kit cheap ... i may also need used fenders if the price is right
7. How to fix interior console lights .. like some lights do not come up e.g. Air control, and other buttons etc
8. The car has no heat the temp always stays under C, the gauge never comes to mid-point, the max it reached was a .5inch over C and fell back? Why is there no heat in the car? my wife almost got a frost bite lol! and was cursing all the way (she will never sit in the car until i get everything fixed.. lol)
9. All power windows work but the driver side does not go back up? is this the circuit or main controller bad? how to fix it ,,, where to get it?
10. The key does not open the locks? i think the locks are really worn out or something ... or may it is the key .. i really have to wrestle and twist and turn for a number of minutes to get it .. is there a way i can get a new lock and key set ? where do i get it? did the 1992 come with a keyless entry fob?
11. The driver side view mirror needs replacement? the motor does not work too it seems ... where can i get a used working one from >
1. Rear shocks could need replacing. They are surprisingly inexpensive from the dealer.
2. Can you describe it a bit more?
3. Can you describe the area it's leaking or post a pic?
4. Try this link for the cruise control https://forum.ih8mud.com/showthread.php?t=22413&highlight=cruise+control
5. At a windshield repair shop
6. Unclear as to what you're after
7. The bulbs are likely out. The bulbs are cheap and relatively easy to get to if you take your time.
8. Try replacing the thermostat. (cheap)
9. Use the search feature with keyword "window"
10. If you have the original key code you can get a new key from the dealer. It's likely that the key has worn over time. You shouldn't need to replace all the locks.
11. Ebay?
12. Search for "egr*" using the forum search feature.

Welcome to the forum and spend some time searching through the FAQ here
With that many issues I would have passed on it... I don't know much but here is a push in the right direction

you need a manual - http://techinfo.toyota.com/

Since you do know what is wrong - great info here - https://forum.ih8mud.com/showthread.php?t=77641


I spend many hours searching on this site using the search function - you will be amazed how much you can find out in a few evenings -

1 - suspension worn out - replace with OME stock - or slightly lifted

2 - birfield worn? - rebuild -FAQ second l;ink

3 - power wash complete engine - frame and driveline - check where it leaks

4- don't know -

5- mobile windshield repair in your area

6 - search the internet - or http://www.cruiserparts.net/parts/fj80.htm

7 - check fuses - check bulbs - first link wiring diagram - hire an expert

8 - stuck heat valve? - bad no thermostat - hoses plugged by PO ?

9 - I don't know - bad motor - faulty relay - check first link for info

10 - http://www.cruiserparts.net/parts/fj80.htm

11 - http://www.cruiserparts.net/parts/fj80.htm

good luck!
2. grinding with slight right turn ... when turned more the steering starts pushing back to center itself, there is intermittent reverse twisting of the steering wheel ... i wonder if i described it correctly ....
3. pics attached

I will also check faqs .. thanks ....
desert dude .. thanks i will ... i bought it as my project .. we have two very nice functioning cars otherwise .. i bought it real cheap from a friend for $2250 ... i guess that should justify it ... i dunno how much i will end up investing in it ...
You're just going to confuse yourself and us trying to discuss all those (minor and common, BTW) issues in one thread. Focus on one item, SEARCH, and then ask if you need clarification.

As an example, here's a pretty comprehensive thread about 91-92 cruise control:


As for the tranny downshifts, search under tranny kickdown cable.

As for the window, probably just need to lube the tracks.

Etc., etc. ...

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