1991 FJ80 Steering bind

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Apr 4, 2008
Hey gang, I am looking forward to getting my 1991 Land Cruiser all fit for the road. I am wondering if any of you have come a cross the situation where the Steering shaft knuckle (connecting from the column to the top of the steering box), is hitting against the shock tower??
I need to figure out how to gain a bit of clearence in there, not sure why it is so tight, but it actually binds the steering at times depending on the flex of the truck.

I also see discussions on the site about tie rod ends. Are The toyota ones the best to get?? or are TRW okay for city driving?

Thanks a bunch.
You know for the life of me I couldn't understand your post so I went and looked under my hood. There is no knuckle there and I can fit my fingers between the shaft and the shock tower.
Not sure about your first question and my cruiser is 30 miles away so I can't look under the hood.

but for your second... it seems that oem is what most people will say about the ends... i've been looking at the marlin crawler ends though myself... anyone had any experience with these??
Wow Thanks

Thanks guys,,
lt1fire, thanks for the input, i will check out the price, I know here in Canada we don't have after market listings for the Land Cruiser at all. So either way they will be ordered.

Johnheld: Well that is fantastic, and gets straight to the point.
I bought this thing out of auction i know it has had some work done and apperantly not quite reassembled properly.
Looking at my 4runner they have the shaft in backwards or something, it is definetly bent i discovered that part this weekend.

Could I impose on you for pictures of all the shaft connections?? to see all the details of how it should be??
If you cannot get under the dash that is kewl, and i fully understand.

I don't have anything here to compare it too to make it right, I know I have a few other issues, too, vac routing, cruise not working ,etc,, but, one thing at a time LOL
Pics of my situation

I went back out to look again, at what i have going on,,
The knucle that is binding, is binding against the spring mount (sorry my bad description) right off the box, in your picture it looks like you have a cover plate over it.

And the shaft binds during part of its rotation against the shock tower.

The last pic shows the general angle that the shaft is on in relation to the frame. seems to take off a bit more to the one side than yours does? Yours looks like it comes out nice and straight from the steering box and into the cab.

Thanks again for the picture they are the best way to know what is going on.
steering 001.jpg
steering 002.jpg
steering 004.jpg
Your frame is the wrong shape.
Either that or your gear box is in the wrong place, They should not be able to touch each other, Articulation should not affect the angle of the shaft from the gear box to the steering column.
That is what I have been fearing, I just can't see any bendage or damage to body mounts or frame, but I will book it into a frame shop and see what they have to say about it. :eek:( eeesh..

Thanks a ton for the help guys.


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