1987 Hj75 Conversion

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May 11, 2019
Hey first post

I have a 1987 Hj75 2H turbo, took it out for a fourby the other day went as it alway did, got back to the car and it had a bad knock all of a sudden. Pulled it down yesterday and it’s grabbed a ring on cyl 3.

Head seem to Be fine. Pre combs have a few small cracks. Before I go any further with the 2H I’ve been thinking about a 12HT transplant. Is it worth spending the $$$ on the old 2h or going the 12HT. It’s a bit of money going either way but for the cost of a rebuilt 2H id rather go 12HT straight up.
What’s involved in the conversion?
It should bolt straight up to the H55F that’s in it now if I’m correct and needs a fuel return line back to tank.


THE 12HT would be the way to go, but finding one with acceptable mileage is not easy these days. I think its pointless paying $7-8k for a 12HT with 450000klms on it.
Im not sure of the 12HT has a fuel return, but if it does you could use a HZJ75 fuel pick up on the tank that has the extra tube for fuel return or maybe even a HJ61 fuel pick up.
I did this conversion years ago, great to have the extra power, only issue was when going up a hill and stopping ( foot off the gas pedal quickly ), still at idle the engine would stop. Someone said maybe it needed an electric fuel pump fitted .
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