1986 hilux charging issue (1 Viewer)

Aug 20, 2019
Northern Ireland
Hi I need some help with my 1986 hilux with a 2L(2.4 diesel) that isn’t charging the battery. I have read through the forums and still can’t figure out the problem. It has a 6 wire external voltage regulator which I have replaced and still didn’t sort the problem and I also tried adjusting it to get a higher charging voltage. I then brought the alternator to get repaired and was told is was functioning as it should. I took some measurements from the voltage regulator, The black wire (ground) was 0.01v, The green wire was 0.19v, The blue wire was 11.4v, The white wire had the correct voltage said in one of the forums (can’t remember the figure at the minute), The yellow wire was 0v and the red wire was the battery voltage which was 12.04v. I checked the fuse and it is fine and checked grounds on the engine, one was broken but it still didn’t sort it. Any help or further suggestions would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance


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