For Sale 1983 HJ47 Quad Cab - ex-mining rig in MA

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United States

1983 HJ47 Crew Cab Ute

This is one of the rare Arkana conversion models for the mining industry. easily one of the rarest types of cruisers made. BUT, these were mining trucks so they were used hard....there are no 'barn find' mint versions of these.

The truck needs some TLC. However, I drove it for an hour and a half with no smoke. It smoked on start up but it had summer diesel in it plus it had been sitting for a long time. After it warmed up and I put winter diesel in it there was no smoke.

The motor runs well with 290,000 kms (180,000 miles roughly.) After I ran it several times there were no leaks on the pavement.

The 4 speed shifts nicely with no grind or binding.

4wd works fine

These units were made by grafting a new rear half to the front section of a troopy cab. Not sure if it was the type of steel used or the manner in which it was welded but these models are known for rot on the wheel well edges inside and on the vertical seam between the front door and the back door. This is no exception. Note the spots in the pictures. There was also a fuel filler spot for an extra tank that was sealed up and is rusting through a bit. If the buyer has welding skills it will take some time to fix but definitely workable. Drip rail needs fixing as it was twisted up in one spot.

The rest of the floors are excellent. The frame and crossmembers are excellent.

There was a light hit on the front right fender. This pushed in the cowl a bit on the side but can be pulled out. I have a brand new front right fender panel still in the box that comes with the truck. The apron seems fine.

Needs wiring help. Horn doesnt work, glow plug button is mounted on the dash and is not working. EDIC arm isnt functioning so there is a slide pull on the dash to turn the rig off.

Seats are ripped. Easy to fix.

New battery
New front fender
New front turn signal set - still in box
New rear tail-light lens covers.
New fuel primer pump.

Whoever buys this will now exactly what this is and will have the capabilities to fix it. If you are interested you probably have been building this truck in your head for years. Here is your chance. In 12 years of importing this is the first one I've seen up for sale in the wild (ie not on MUD)

Comes with all valid, stamped import paperwork, VIN inspection and a bill of sale. If you need a title to register in your state, I can get one from the Massachusetts RMV at your cost (in addition to the agreed sale price) and it takes 4-6 weeks for a title to arrive.

I'm sure I am forgetting things so please ask as many questions as you like. Nobody likes surprises. I am not a mechanic so I will answer as best I can. In-person inspections welcomed and encouraged

$15k or best offer. Located in Millis, MA

john six-won-seven- 480-669three

crew cab 1.jpg
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mo pics

crew 5.jpg

mo pics
and mo
and more
last ones
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I have no idea who Jeff is (the name on the front) A few people asked me why I wrote the word Jeep on a cruiser. I have since spray painted over the name Jeff.

Dash pad is ripped...just noticed it didnt show that in the pics.
I'll give you $1.00. $1.50 if you was it and deliver it to me.... Seriously I've bought a truck off of John before. Good guy to deal with.
Bump for offers
Hi 40 flipper

your a lucky guy,,my mate called Cliff has one of these, its in better shape but he has turned down two offers, one by a guy in the UK for £50k and another by a USA guy for £60k and i am not talking dollars . he is a nice guy and here is his truck on facebook,,,he might even have their details

hope you get a good price Giles
Selloutrr i can’t honestly say and I am not a big fan so might be the worst person to ask, but they are rare, they are not built by toyota there was a firm in Austrailer that coach built them I am told
This was full restored by Crusier Solutions in NH then sold to a private buyer. I'd imagine it was very well north of $100k
40flipper, wow thats a lot, i have never ever charged enough for the cruisers i find. What do you think a bj45 troops LHD is worth in the USA lets say 7 out of 10
You just need to be able to sit firm on it once it’s restored. Take lots of pics, photoshop them to show off the pretty detail of the restoration and wait for a doctor to bite. Having a business that specializes in restoration also gives it value because the sales receipt allows the insurance company to insure it for that value. I had a hell of a time getting replacement value insurance on my FJ because of the age regardless of fully restoring it.
40flipper, wow thats a lot, i have never ever charged enough for the cruisers i find. What do you think a bj45 troops LHD is worth in the USA lets say 7 out of 10
I'm looking exactly that. But im looking for a trade for my tacoma. Most that I have found are starting at 15k and up from there.
Due to the design they all have MAJOR rust issues. I’m in the process of buying one now with the painful reality of a very $$$$ restoration.
A full frame off nut-n-bolt resto on any cruiser is $100k from any resto company. The rust repair alone would be hundreds of hours.

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