1980 Minitruck in PA (cheap!)

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United States
1980 pickup, ~213k 4cyl 4spd, nice header. Good title, on hand. Many spare parts (including 49k motor, ~6 spare wheels/tires, lenses, rad, more).

Located in Pittsburgh, PA. MUD price is $700 (firm).


I would prefer calls at the number listed in the Craigslist link (here), though you can also email my username at yahoo if you hafta.

It runs & drives, but should probably be gone over before driving on the street (i.e., *I* wouldn't hop in and drive across the country).

I've owned it since the end of last summer, but have only driven it on my own property to keep in lubed & charged in the meantime... so I don't have much experience with it--been focused on other stuff like my Cruiser. It has always started & run reliably though--even after sitting for a bit.

For inspection, I believe it would need a tailpipe, battery tie-down/clamp, and to bleed the brakes. The brakes stop fine; they just pull to one side... the PO said he had just put on new calipers (& rotors?), so my bet is that he didn't bleed 'em well enough. I don't *think* it needs anything else, but that's up to the buyer to determine.

Frame is really good for this age in PA; front-end/cab are so-so; bed is really rough. The PO coated the frame with kerosene/oil every year and sealed holes, so it looks really decent. He painted the frame 3-4 years ago. On the body & moreso on the bed, he did a bunch of rust repair with fiberglass mesh and resin: it seems to be holding up ok, but isn't pretty (maybe ok if painted)-BTW that repair is what you see along the fender & bed. He also apparently loved camo. That's all i'll say on that.

It appears to have been well-maintained. The same PO owned the vehicle the majority of its life & DD it until I bought it. He labeled all filters w/ mileage & date, had tags on certain bolts marked with wrench size. Oh, and IIRC he said he'd done the clutch fairly recently... he relayed a list of newer parts installed, but unfortunately that list was longer than my memory.

I don't have any other pix available for now. I will post them when I get a chance to take some.

It's not the prettiest & needs some attention, but it will make someone a good 'wheeler.

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