For Sale 1979 LHD FJ43 in AZ with clear AZ title $43900

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I have available one of the trucks we restored from a year ago. It was a frame on restoration nearly full repaint inside and out of strong running FJ43. This is later model with gas tank below.

Client has been driving it and maintaining for over a year. Trucks runs 65 to 75 mph but has a wind whistle in the fiberglass top. Client says a few oil drips.

Loaded PS, Ocala, FL AC system (heat too but not installed), disc brakes, Hilux 5 speed.
2F (dont have compression numbers but this truck moves), rebuilt carb, rebuilt steering box (tight steering). New muffler. 5 tires new from a year ago. Wheels custom hilux barrels 16 inch with Toyota centers.

Top is painted inside too and floors are 100% redone super shiny. Painted black underneath.

Really nice loaded hard top FJ43. We have the original data plate shows rust green (truck was rustic green). It had been repainted Olive green and we repainted it Olive with new data plate.

Truck is in AZ can be pruchased and shipped out now.
Olivia BEST.jpg
AC unit Olivia.jpg
Really nice fiberglass top we restored. Has twin doors and speakers in the roof. repainted inside and out. We pulled the top too and repainted the rails and the sides and put new bolts and gaskets in. I think the front gasket is loose thus the wind whistle at 65 mph and above. This truck is a runner.

Excellent interior with new foam. Same provider is doing $80,000 or so FJ interiors.

Not an auction museum truck but about a 9 out of 10 like all the frame on FJ43s we did.

Main body is painted black underneath. Front floors were repaired and rear sill. Body lines are very good. You can see the repair first photo.



Dash repainted. Great body lines. AC system has vent on the drivers side. Has heat too not hooked up. heat install is usually $500.

Really a sweet truck should not need too much going forward as most of the bugs worked out. Overhaul was extensive one year ago. Seller is Volcan 4x4, LLC Florida dealer $25,000 bond. We have the truck consigned to us. We use a local Florida bank to wire funds and can arrange shipping.

The tires are 265 75 16 and I remember this truck RIDES very smoothly.


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