1968 FJ40 Transfercase Speedometer Driven Gear

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Dec 22, 2020
I was able to get the speedo functioning but it indicates too fast.

The driven gear in the T-Case is 17 tooth. Looking for a 20 or 21 tooth gear, but not having success.

The tires have the same circumference and revs/per mile as the original tires, not sure what the previous owner may have done inside the T-Case.

Any source for various driven gears?

No but there is a gear reduction/increase dealio inline on my 1970 fj40, mounted to one of the tcase inspection cover bolts, not sure what it does. Might be a missing piece on your set up.e
They have to be changed as a pair. Even though the number on the Tcase side stays the same, the pitch changes.

Are there any numbers on the housing of the gear reducer?
I'll have a look, but as Mark mentioned the speedo gear if changed on cable may not play well with old drive gear under rear housing and bits of shaved plastic could be what ate the new double seal. My speedo has not worked for a long time, your speedo is knowing what gear your are in and the engine sound, you should be able to know the speed within 3 or 4 mph after driving it for a bit.
65swb45, interesting the driven gear and drive gear need to be changed as a pair for toyota.

I have changed numerous driven gears on GM transmissions, no issues. Many driven gear tooth combinations available for a given drive gear.

This is my first toyota, and I am learning a lot.

Going to look for a speed reducing adapter, speed is approximately 20% off, indicates 60 MPH with GPS at 50 on the speedo.

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