160 amp GM alternator

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May 26, 2005
Boulder Creek, CA
I found on E-Bay a 160 amp GM alternator for 104.00. I got it and pulled the serpantine belt pully off. The shafts miked out to the same diameter for the cruiser alt and the GM. Whoo hoo, The cruiser pully needed some lathe work to seat properly on the GM cooling fan, but what the hey. I then fabbed up a lower mount simce the original cruiser mount used the mounting ears from the original cruiser alt. The GM used a mirror image type of mounting system. After dummying up a mounting setup I fabbed the mount using steel laying around the shop. Cost? 104.00 and about 2.00 worth of steel and about 3 hours time for the fab work. I then made a 4ga cable to connect the GM alternator to the side post terminal of the Optima battery. I still need to source a 160 amp fusible link to finish up the project. The KC highliters should be happier now!
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Sounds great Eric.

Post up some pics.

I took some pictures but they were too big kb wise, if you want some big pics pm me your e-mail and I will send to you. I will take some more pics at a lower resolution and try to post later. The alt is installed so to take pics of the mount I will have to remove the alt, I plan on removing the alt to paint the mount black instead of the zinc chromate primer that it is in the photos that I have now. The spacing was the most time consuming task but worth the effort.
Mine is a CS-144 model out of some late 90s car at the salvage yard for $40 and I had to mod my brackets a bit. I think it has 140 amps. I replaced my older CS-130 80 amp with it. I still need to get the wiring all straightened out for my lights but at least the batt keeps a nice charge...

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You can use a free program called Infranview. It's easy as pic resizing only takes a few minutes
With quartz headlights, turning on the heater, windshield wipers and misc other low current draw items the headlights woul dim at low rpms. After installing the 160 amper, and a smaller pulley on the alternator the lights at idle are full bright. I have a ammeter that sits on the cable and inductively measures current and it shows 30 amps with those items all on.I think the alt. that was installed was a 35amp max output. I am going to make a double 5/8" pulley system, I have the waterpump pulley, just need the crank pully. Anybody know what year had a double 5/8" crankshaft pully? And is the crank mounting the same for the F and 2F?. I could make my own pully on the lathe ,but for ease of the process, purchase would be preferred. Any thoughts?

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