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Sep 17, 2011
Calgary, AB
Hello everyone,

So I have been getting conflicting reports whether or not a 100 series H151F box will fit into an 80. I heard that it may not work but then I read a thread about a guy who used a 100 series box in his 80 and just had to move the cross member like you would have to do anyways. So I'd like to see a conclusion once and for all.

I am trying to convert my 91 HDJ81 with the mechanical A442F to a 5 speed and with my research I have made the following conclusions:

-80 series H151Fs are hard to find, and very expensive new
-2nd gear can get screwy on early 80 series H151s (I know this first hand as my father's 5 speed 2nd gear on his 80 is bitchy)
-100 series gearboxes are plentiful, significantly cheaper, and will have an upgraded design (please correct me if I'm wrong)

Are there people here that would know the differences between the gear boxes?

I have found 100 series transmissions (box and bell) brand new for about $3200 SHIPPED to my front door from a site in the middle east which is about $500 cheaper than the ONE 80 series box they have in stock...

Also, if people are in the same boat as me shoot me a PM and I can divulge the site I am using.

Cheers everybody.

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