100 Series CV Axle Puller Tool

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Jan 4, 2014
Little Rock, Arkansas
Started making these tools to help you pull the CV of your 100 series as far outward as possible, allowing you to measure and install a properly sized snap ring. Had quite a lot of interest in the main 100 forum so I figured I'd post it here. The outer "support" bolts can leverage off of the hub flange studs or the alignment dimples on the flange itself (as seen in pics 3 & 4). $20 pickup or $25 shipped. Quick rundown of everything included:

- 6" 16ga 14ga steel square tubing drilled & reamed on a manual mill, then primed & painted with black enamel
- (2x) 3/8-16 x 3" outer support bolts
- (2x) 3/8-16 hex nuts
- (1x) M8 x 1.25 x 50mm axle bolt
- (5x) flat washers

Here's a thread of mine on the recent disassembly & reassembly of my wheel bearings where I initially made this tool and gauged interest: Wheel Bearing Service w/Pics





Initial inspiration:

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Forgive my ignorance, but having owned a 100 I’m just curious why using the stock snap ring is an issue?
Forgive my ignorance, but having owned a 100 I’m just curious why using the stock snap ring is an issue?
You're still using stock snap rings. However, they come in 6 different sizes and depending on how worn your bearings, hub flange splines, and axle splines are you may need a different size. Most people have their bearings too loose and don't even know it, because most mechanics just tighten the adjusting nut until it's good enough without testing for breakaway. This causes excessive wear and will increase the gap where the snap ring rides. The aim of the game is to have as small of a gap between the back of the snap ring and front of the hub flange as possible (where I have the feeler gauge in the above pic). In order to properly measure which size is required you need the CV to be pulled as far outward as possible so that it's fully seated in the back of the spindle. That's where this tool comes in! It pulls it out and keeps it there allowing you to measure and install the properly sized snap ring

Snap Ring 1.8mm G90520-31010
Snap Ring 2.0mm F90520-31009
Snap Ring 2.2mm E (OEM)90520-31008
Snap Ring 2.4mm D90520-31007
Snap Ring 2.6mm C90520-31006
Snap Ring 2.8mm B90520-31005

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