02 tacamo questions rear e diff lock

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Dec 12, 2009
the boat, colorado
guys need your help,
My gf has a 02 taco with the 3.4, 4x4 trd package withe the rear electronic diff lock.
question is : i engage the diff lock as stated in the manuel and the diff light will not go off, so the diff should not be locked, correct?
but i was playing around with it in the driveway doing a turn on some gravel and the rear outside wheel was braking loose( no gas turning in the driveway) so i believe the diff is locking and the light is broken(i do not know) also did the same manuver with the diff lock off and the rear ouside tire did not do the same thing.
sorry for the long question, but does this blinking light happen a lot on the tacos?
thanks for your help
i engage the diff lock as stated in the manuel and the diff light will not go off, so the diff should not be locked, correct?

So light is solid on or blinking?

If it's solid on, diff lock is activated......it should blink when you push the button and hold solid when fully actuated.

If definitely sounds like it's on.
Stays blinking the whole time
Blinking usually mean it's not engaging. You can usually feel it when the locker actually engages - you get a bit of a mechanical "clunk" that you can hear and feel. Sometimes it is not right away, and you may have to drive a few yards ahead and turn the wheel left or right to get it to lock in.

And I'll ask the basic questions? Is it auto? If so, are you in neutral? And is the Tcase in 4Low? These are pre-reqs to engaging the locker.
it's a 5 speed, it's in neutral when i engaged the locker button and the tcase is in 4lo. again i think it is actually engaged( it feels like it to me), but i don't get the light to stop blinking and i don't hear any kind of relay or mechanical clunk like i do when i engage my stock lockers in my 80
Try turning in figure 8's If its flashing its not engaged. The wheels can sound like they are locked due to the 4x4 being on.
mine is doing the same it's blinking & won't stay steady. i think there is something wrong with the actuator
it could also be the sensor that tells whether the fork/sleeve has engaged or not. on tight radius turns, if youre feeling the tire chirping or breaking free on loose terrain, then the rear is locked.
It sounds to me you have a bad ground or a short in one of the wires.
They are prone to water intrusion and sometimes the motors get rusty too. Sometimes a tap on the motor can solve it.
I had my dealer replace mine. A part of it warped and it wouldn't engage. I wasn't going to go that route for the $$ but they did it for half price. Otherwise there would be an ARB Airlocker in the back of my truck now.

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