wheel adapter

  1. JunkCrzr89

    Wanted  1” wheel spacers, 6x5.5 hub-centric

    Looking for a set of four hub-centric 1” wheel spacers, 6 x 5.5, with 106mm bore. Preferably Bora but open to others as well. Thanks!
  2. Moki

    For Sale  VA Beach: BORA 1” 80 Wheel Spacers

    4 brand new, packed up, never used BORA (Bulletproof Off Road Adapters) 1” wheel spacers and hardware. MADE IN AMERICA. Specs: 6x5.5 (80 series and prob others) 106mm center bore 1” thick Black If in the market for wheel spacers these are best out there - do some googling. $200 (USPS...
  3. LandSnuizer

    Wheel options/adapters question...

    Hello, fellow “h8ers”... I have a newb question, and yes I’ve done my due diligence and spent quite some time searching and reading full threads but I’m just not getting he answers I’m looking for so I’m going to just ask. Just to be clear- I’ve been on several forums for over 15yrs for various...
  4. JS114

    For Sale  5x4.5 to 5x150 aluminum wheel adapters

    I had these custom made so I could put 100-series wheels on 5x4.5 trailer hubs. The plan was to carry one adapter with me so that if I got a flat on the trailer, I could put the Cruiser's spare on the trailer and get home. Sold the trailer, kept the unused adapters and lugnuts. $30 for one or...
  5. socalmtbiker

    For Sale  wheel adapter: 5x4.5 (114.3) to 5x150, 1" thick 14x1.5 studs

    Selling a wheel adapter I just purchased from a member. I jumped the gun on the purchase and don't need these so I'm selling for the price I purchased. From the previous owner info: custom made billet aluminum adapters. Never installed in new condition. 10 14x1.5 open lugs included $150 Shipped.
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