1. dbbowen

    Renting a 200 in Denver for wedding

    So I'm getting married (eloping) in Denver this July. We are renting a vehicle and there is a 200 series on Turo to rent. Any of y'all have any experience with the guy? Is he a member on mud? So far this is the only LC available to rent in Colorado. If anyone can steer me in another direction...
  2. GLTHFJ60

    Request from GCLCNY Member - Wedding Getaway 40!!

    A guy named Ryan McManus in the GCLCNY (NY, NJ, PA) TLCA club is getting married in the Charleston area later this year and is hoping to rent a 40 from someone local to use as their getaway vehicle. Wedding is Aug 21, and it’s an afternoon thing so he'd need the truck from 12-6 or so. If...
  3. Lou the fj60

    In need of a Photographer?

    hey guys! I've been on mud for a little while now and I've been helped alot so I want to offer up my talents to help everyone else! I'm a freelance photographer currently in Washington. I photograph weddings, seniors, newborns, and Cruisers if needed! if you need photographic services you can...
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