1. RFB

    U Joints On a DC driveshaft

    So Im replacing the ujoints on my front DS and its Double Cardon and Im wondering why there are no clips on any of them at all, the new joints come with them and the rear u joints have them. Is this common or...........
  2. baselfish

    UJoints replaced - thnxs Ih8mud !!!

    howde all.... just replace all 4 u joints / spiders - another self repair done - thanks to ih8mud. not sure i coudln't of just zerked off on the bearings - but anyways such is the mud credo... how to replace the u-joints in your 80 rear axle service photos all in all i call it a...
  3. abuck99

    Driving With Out Front Prop Shaft

    I want to asses a small driveline vibe I'm getting and rule out propeller shaft. Is the process to simply remove the front prop shaft and drive with locked center diff.? Just making sure I dont need to remove flanges for this test. I just replaced the ujoints ( both prop shafts) and had the...
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