1. blbuck12

    SOLD  Trollhole Carb

    trollhole carb, I got it off the classifieds here and used while I rebuilt and troubleshot my stock carb. $120 + shipping
  2. TomCruiser85

    For Sale  Desmoged Trollhole carb for 2F (unused)

    $150 Brand new I bought it for installation on my FJ60, then I totaled the rig. Bummer. Now I have a 4runner so I don't need the carb. It's been sitting on my dresser for a few months. MESSAGE IF INTERESTED. I'M IN EASTERN NC, USA.
  3. T

    For Sale  Trollhole electronic Distributor

    Trollhole electronic distributor - Never used --installed, tested; ran; pulled --was going to be trail spare -Found a good used Distributor for trail spare. So 125.00 plus shipping Spoken for
  4. tahoe40/45

    For Sale  1979 non smog trollhole carb

    This was on a 1979 FJ40 without smog. Bought new from Trollhole's cruisers, used for a few weeks then owner of 79 switched to a Webber carb. $200 plus shipping
  5. C

    For Sale  Trollhole Carb, NEW, FJ40 (Seattle, WA)

    I have a new Trollhole carb still in the box that arrived on 26 Oct. It's an FJ40 carb for mechanical linkage setup. Selling it because this carb arrived in the mail after I decided to pull the the trigger in a rebuilt Aisan, which I found at a good price locally. Unfortunately, this one had...
  6. Tighe

    For Sale  New Trollhole dizzy, with OEM collar. Venice, Los Angeles

    Hi all, Bought a dizzy from TH back in May of this year, but decided not to use it. Never used, never installed, never opened, still in box. I was going to use this on my 60 so I bought the OEM collar/clamp which will be included. Also unused. Tried to return it but never got a response, so...
  7. FixedIt

    For Sale  Trollhole 5 Window Soft Top

    Hi Mudders! I just reduced the price on a black 5 Window (tinted) PVC Trollhole Soft Top for sale. This top is in superb condition, NEVER INSTALLED, stored with Windows flat and the windows still have the protective film! About 6 months after receiving it, I decided I wanted a different color...
  8. H

    Black Smoke on FJ60

    I have a 1984 FJ60, desmogged following the instructions from this site (excellent by the way). I just installed a Trollhole carb, new plugs, cap, rotor and wires. I simply can't make this thing run right. The timing is dead on, decent compression (120 psi). It runs fair when I start it but...
  9. FJ40 Jon

    Vacuum advance diaphragm leaking, new dizzy? 2/77 - Stock

    My vacuum advance is leaking and just to replace just the diaphragm will cost ~$100 from SOR (if they have it in stock) plus shipping. I know SOR, CCOT, Trollhole, Marks Offroad all have replacement dizzy options. I am also considering trying to find a FJ60 Dizzy set up, but know I will need...
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