torque wrench

  1. Beej

    For Sale Massive 300 ft lb torque wrench (HF)

    Hey folks, If you're doing the oil pump cover seal or front main seal, this is the tool you need. $60 shipped CONUS 3/4 in. Drive Click Type Torque Wrench -- Beej
  2. Bambusiero

    A Low Cost 300 ft-lb Torque Wrench - DIY Shop-Built

    Here is a low cost 300 ft-lb DIY shop-built torque wrench - to handle re-installation of that big 30mm 304 ft-lb harmonic balancer - crankshaft bolt. This is needed when you replace the front main seal and / or the oil pump cover plate o-ring, which are common oil leaks at the front of the...
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