1. Pitchforksjb

    Wanted  1978 FJ-j40 break booster

    Is the break booster from a t-100 Toyota truck a bolt in replacement. I have a hissing bendix break booster and the vehicle will not stop very good
  2. W

    CDL switch relocation

    Hey all, this is my first tech post, so bare with me. Getting in and out of the Cruiser, I regularly knock the CDL switch. I’m currently making an overhead switch panel in the sunnies holder. So, I took the opportunity relocate the CDL switch up there. Working out what wires are needed and...
  3. eurodre

    For Sale  Vais Tech SL3Sat

    This is used but in excellent working condition. The SL3Sat allows you to add siriusxm satellite radio directly to your Toyota or Lexus factory radio. It includes the SXV200 xm tuner along with the antenna. Please see pictures, this is the full kit ordered directly from vais tech. This Sound...
  4. 9

    Engine help

    i have a 94’ TLC. When i start the truck i have to wait about 10 minutes or i cannot drive the truck. If i dont wait and attempt to drive the revs drop very low and the truck stumbles/hesitates. Anyone have a similar issue? Anyone know a solution? Also if i drive the truck in traffic for a long...
  5. RFB

    Aftermarket Console

    Im looking at A. Having a console made or B. finding a tuffy like box console that will work. Whats everyone using or wanting to use. I use my console but its plastic and thats not fantastic.
  6. gholsie

    Metal Tech Lower & Upper Links

    Hi guys, Do any of you run the Metal Tech upper and lower links? Metal Tech 4x4 100 Series Land Cruiser/LX470 Link Bundle stage 1 (upper & lower links) I have a set of these on my 2000 LX470 and they have problems. The performance is good, but, they tend to snap and pop as I turn. I've made...
  7. Karalina

    Need help to fix my FZJ 80

    Hi, Last year I embarked on the adventure to buy and drive a 1997 FZJ 80 4.5 in eastern Tajikistan. Spare parts are rare and so are qualified mechanics... Being tired of well-meant but not well-informed smattering, I try to figure out things myself. So, I'd be glad if anybody could help me...
  8. jaybird72

    2H Timing Diesel Tech in SoCal

    So, my injector pump was apparently in need of a rebuild so instead sourced an allegedly working pump from Canada. My mechanic (not a diesel expert) said he could put it in and he did. It is smoking a ton and is not running well. He claims the pump is bad but I have reason to believe that it...
  9. co4wheel

    Metal tech LT spring trade. HD for your Mediums

    Anyone want to trade a pair of Metal Tech HD LT rear springs for the Medium Duty you already have?
  10. B

    Cannot Figure this out! FJ62 Tech

    I have a 90 FJ62. I changed my oil last weekend and am stumped at why my 62 took 7 quarts of oil instead of the 8.2 in the owner's manual and everywhere else I looked. I triple checked how much oil I put in, the owner's manual and had a friend confirm that I am not crazy. I used a Toyota D3 oil...
  11. suprarx7nut

    Storage System 1: Group Buy and Tech Discussion

    This system as it stands is the result of two enthusiasts seeking more functionality from the 100 series cargo area with a smaller investment and more versatility than the existing product offerings. The system is lightweight and designed to be a bolt in, plug and play product with the ability...
  12. Stumpalama

    CLCC Tech Day 22 April 2017

    Tech day @ Stump's place. The fun begins at 9am. BYOB. If you want pizza for lunch, bring cash (unless you want to buy us all lunch. Adress will be posted on the private side. For non-members, PM me if you need the address.
  13. M

    Tech inspection April 22, 2017 at 10am

    Tech inspection March 22, 2017 at 10am. At the Brassfields. Contact club member for address. Bring a side, club will provide the meat.
  14. elk

    Tech Discussion: Using Blue Devil Products as a Temporary Fix

    A topic of discussion for the Mud brain trust, what are your thoughts on using stop leak products on gasket and seal leaks? I am in no way affiliated with any such company, but I have personally used Blue Devil products on a 336,000 mile Volvo 940 with a really bad oil pan gasket leak. I will...
  15. PabloCruise

    Tech Stream Bummer - Bad Disc

    Just got my Tech Stream in the mail - disc has some serious defects in it. I would like to use this today - any reputable places to download the drivers?
  16. B

    weather tech digital or all weather floor mats? any other good options out there?

    I'm looking for floor mats for my LC and trying to decide what kind i should get... I thought the all weather weather techs were knock offs but it appears the digital and all weather are made by weather tech... I figued I'd post here first to see if there are any other great mats out there... I...
  17. K

    fj40 1968

    Does anyone sell replica wheels the white ones. Not the steelies with hub caps. I need a set of the white ones with very little back spacing and will clear the screw in the brake rotors. Thanks
  18. K

    1968 fj40 wheel cylinders

    I need HELP. I got all new rear cylinders they all have same number on them. I supposedly had all 4 factory front ones and new rebuild kits. Well 3 of the 4 are 1 kind and the other is totally different. Can someone tell me or guide me to someone that can tell me which ones go where. And also my...
  19. Ice cold

    Tech stream help

    I am at a loss. I purchased a mini VCI cable it did not come with a CD. Should have, not sure why it didn't. I have tried for a couple of days to find the drivers, but have failed to do so. Does anyone know where I can find the files I need to get this to run. I lifted mt Ahc on my lx470 and...
  20. cruiseroutfit

    Fan Blade & Clutch Tech for BJ7x with 3B/13BT (A440F & H55F Models)

    We've been upping our fan clutch and fan blade offerings the last few years and recently I've been getting a few calls about the 7x variants. I've not spend a TON of time laying out all the year/model applications for all market 70's as it gets a bit cloudy but for the common Canadian spec and...
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