1. Hurleyburly

    Power loss '91 3-FE

    Well, I tried to revive the thread below and nobody bit, so maybe a new one will grab a few bites ha. After searching and reading a bunch of threads I found this thread that describes my issue to a T. Weird intermittent power loss ...but nobody ever posted a fix. I'm including the video...
  2. 60 toy ota

    feels like fuel starvation

    Hi gang. Here comes a novel, I could sure use some help. 84 60 with a 2FE from an 88. For over a year now I've been getting an intermittent hesitation. When it comes, the more throttle I give it makes it hesitate more. If i back off, it responds as it should. If I keep driving, it will...
  3. BakerFJ

    Chasing #6 Misfire; An Adventure More Difficult Than Twas Foreseen (93 FZJ80)

    Hey all, been trying to track down an issue on my 1993 Land Cruiser with the 1FZFE. It has no power and is stumbling, sometimes will die if I lightly bumo the throttle at idle. Sounds like a diesel. I've been through the forums to no avail, so here's what I've done to it and what I've checked so...
  4. akunes

    Stumbling, Sputtering Issue FJ60

    FJ60 Noob here. After reading through countless threads on the stumbling, sputtering issue, I'm quite honestly overwhelmed. My LC is an 86. It was garage kept and barely run the last 10 years. 173k miles. The carb was just rebuilt. It's been running like a dream the last 3 weeks. Yesterday...
  5. giddyup

    Ultimate FJ62 Stumble/Hesitation head scratcher

    Ok boys and goes. '88 62 with 250k. Has run great for the last 4 years I've had it. Started having some slight hesitation after startup last year but would quickly smooth out. Most recently though it got really bad after having the radiator replaced, front axle rebuild with brakes...
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