1. oregon fj

    5 ready to ship - Repro Toyota sticker for FJ40 rear sill

    The latest batch is ready. See details at the end of this thread. Thinking ahead to painting my ‘64 FJ40 FST, I have been looking at various bits that I will need/want to replace when I put it back together. And one of those items is the Toyota sticker on the rear sill that was used for a few...
  2. UniquE

    For Sale J4 Sticker Set

    Selling these stickers for $70.
  3. DirtScaresMe

    Traction sticker things for aftermarket bumpers

    I put a slee rear bumper on, really cool piece of gear. It's a little too smooth and shiny though especially the ladder rungs. Any long term / durable way to add some grip?
  4. yohavos

    Subdued Flag w/TEQ Logo Stickers

    These are premium 5″ x 3″ decals made from a thick, durable vinyl with a UV laminate to protect them from scratching, rain and sunlight for exterior use, modeled after a non-reverse IR flag. (These are not IR reflective.) Price: $5 each, buy 2 or more and get 1 free PayPal is...
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