1. L

    60 shut off. Will not start.

    I've had a succession of problems withstarting. It cranks fine. When it fist did not start I let it sit overnight then tried carberator spray and it started right up. I changed fuel filter although there was no obvious gunk in filter. Then a week later it was idling and shut off. It was parked...
  2. B

    HJ60 2h doesn't shut down

    Hi all, The 60 doesn't shut down when I turn the ignition off.. engine keeps running and the electrics stay on. I've asked around and had a search in here but have zero success in working out what the problem is. Currently I'm putting in 4th and stalling it or hitting the shutoff on the engine...
  3. ozcrusier

    VSV shut down valve

    Hi guys chasing up the plug to suit my new 12ht shut down VSV valve would anyone have a lead on where to buy this type of plug.
  4. N

    Stuck in the jungle: Low speed shut off

    Quick background: I recently bought a 1997 FZJ80 in Costa Rica. It is a 40th anniversary edition brought into Costa Rica in 2010 with roughly 200k miles on it. It now has 208k miles. In other words, it sat around for awhile. It has a safari turbo, dual batteries, reserve tank and other...
  5. AF Road

    1981 2B Diesel Won't Shut Off When the Key is Turned Off

    I've had my FJ40 for a few years now and the previous owner had this thick wire running from the Engine to underneath the dash with a little handle at the end of it. Turns out that you need to pull it to turn the engine off even the key turned off and removed from the ignition switch. hehe...
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