1. mep1811

    SOLD Scepter MFC's El Paso,TX

    #1 I have ,four hard to get , Scepter MFC's $65.00 plus shipping. Located in El Paso Texas. Three new OD cans and one used tan can. Shipping for two cans ,in the past, has been in the vicinity of $47.00. Actual shipping price is dependent on your location. The cost is more due to the size of...
  2. T

    Scepter Fuel Can Leaking

    I was planning on carrying this can on my roof strapped down on its' side. When I tried to do that it began leaking fuel. I ended up putting it in the vehicle and keeping all the windows down. Not a great solution. Any idea why this thing would leak? I do not have one of those wrenches but...
  3. geoffnlp

    Scepter OD Green fuel cans in Central Florida?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone in Central Florida has any OD Green Scepter fuel cans that I can take a look at or if anyone can send a pic. I purchased two that are supposed to be OD Green but look like they are the drab green ones, almost brown looking. I work in Longwood, I appreciate any...
  4. M

    Jerry Can to Hose Thread adapter (JC2HT) for Scepter / LCI

    Having searched the forums it sounds like many of us have been down this path. I have 4 of the LCI / Scepter water cans that I purchased on Amazon and was completely amazed when I discovered that that the threads on the cap aren't hose thread (Or any normal thread). I purchased these to haul...
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