1. IndroCruise

    What scanner for 2006 Landcruiser Sahara turbodiesel with AHC??

    I would like to check front and rear AHC pressures with a scanner and without the complications of attaching pressure gauges anywhere. First, I need to discover whether my Australia-delivered June 2006 Landcruiser 100 Sahara (similar to VX) with 1HD-FTE six cylinder 4.2 litre turbodiesel and...
  2. bonestock

    SOLD  ScanGauge II

    If you have one available in proper working order, PM me. Looking to spend around $75
  3. HDJdreams

    Help! Recommendations for Bluetooth OBD2 scanner?

    Though I have owned an 80 for close to 20 years, thankfully my 80 has been dependable so I haven’t done any diagnostics on it. The few CELs that came up over the years handled by shops like Iron Pig. My troubleshooting skills, meager as the are, were rooted in the carburetor age. Both of my...
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